"To my brother, James Harvey- a poet in spirit with soul music for the ages."    - Major Jackson


james is currently in the studio. here's a sample of what's to come...

"James Harvey was one of the first of many Vermont jazz musicians I met when I arrived in the state in 1988. I worked with his sister at Silo/Alcazar, a music distributor and label, and she sang a lot in a nearby office.

I complimented her on music and she said, "You ought to hear my brother on trombone, or any instrument, piano, drums,etc."   So I was ready when I first heard him. Only I wasn’t ready for the quality of his improvisation skills, his incredible chops and command on his instruments, and, most of all, the sheer joy of his compositions.

Grateful was the title cut of an album that came out in the early 2000’s. It features many of Vermont’s best musicians and some of my favorite James Harvey compositions, especially the title cut. James is very spiritual in the way that all great artists are. He has suffered, won and lost, and he keeps coming back with fresh new projects & compositions. His time with Peter Apfelbaum, Jaki Byard, and Don Cherry has left James with a wonderful depth.

It’s always catch-up time for my ears to hear him because James is like Miles Davis, always in motion, always headed toward the truth."

- George Thomas, former host of Vermont Public Radio's Jazz show.

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